Financial Digital Sahyog

Financial Digital Literacy and Awareness Programs (Including Nukkad Natak)

From time to time, several financial and digital literacy camps have been conducted with an attempt to educate the rural sections of our society about the Banking system with their importance and digital world with the aim is to identify various digital payment systems appropriate to different sectors of the economy and coordinate efforts to make them accessible and user- friendly. We are also identifying and access infrastructural and bottlenecks affecting the access and utility of digital payment options.

Financial Literacy Awareness

In the Indian rural markets, the financial awareness and literacy level is still very low which a critical issue effecting country development. Even the population with little awareness about bank does know only basic aspect of the bank but their trust in formal banking facilities is minimal. Since banking facility is a very vital facet of Financial Inclusion, so there should be adequate knowledge and awareness among the rural populace in India.

To develop financial Inclusion in unbanked areas and to overcome these critical issues, various awareness programs have been undertaken by SAHYOG & Sahyog Foundation in past reaching to the most interior villages was one of the major spotlights of its campaign, so as a sponsor companies, it has tried its level best to reach the last mile.

To reach the masses and provide awareness about Financial Inclusion SAHYOG has planned various financial literacy activities, which were implemented. These activities reached the most rural interiors, which shaped this assignment into one of the finest projects. The sponsor companies aim is also to make these activities very interactive, educative and entertaining so that the target audience gets involved all the time. Nukkad Natak, drum beating, banking benefits & saving games, group gathering & announcements are the main elements of the session.

Digital Literacy Awareness

During the drive, SAHYOG & Sahyog Foundation CSR team made the villagers & Semi urban population understand that Digital Literacy is the ability of individuals and communities to understand and use digital technologies for meaningful actions within life situations”. Which was followed by demonstrate through a presentation, the various transactions that can be easily, quickly, and safely conducted through Net Banking, Mobile Banking, USSD, PoS, and apps The awareness program also cover best practices, tips, and tricks to be followed while conducting transactions through the digital channels. To promote Digital Banking, SAHYOG CSR is associating with Villagers, Slum dwelles, Schools and colleges to create awareness and educate various stakeholders such as employees, students, teachers, and traders on the benefits of going cashless to promote the use of digital banking channels for financial transactions. SAHYOG team is happy to reach out to school students in the school as students are quick learners.” If educated on how to transact using digital channels, they can adapt quickly and also teach several others, thus helping people to Go Digital.